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Grand-Casino.Coca.Bz Tournament "Red & Black" in September

 Заголовок сообщения: Grand-Casino.Coca.Bz Tournament "Red & Black" in September
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Howdy with http://www.turnir.grand-casino.coca.bz/en/view/647 !
Winter has appear and We've prepared items to suit your needs:

3 two hundred$ - prize fund! seven hundred$ - initially location!

Event on amount of details(?)
Online games: Roulette and Reside Dealer
Taking part in Match: wager from 0.01$

Here is the things they say about us and some opinions:
<a href=https://youtu.be/ykEzAGrWTZU>10 Best UK Casino Sites</a>

Conditions and policies of tournament:
- The participant will get routinely into table, building any guess in tournament games.
- A table exhibits: place within the tournament, login of every participant and amount of factors.
- If two or more contributors hold the very same number of details, the higher place can take who bought them very first.
- 1 issue is deducted in each wager from player's overall details regardless of end result.
- The column «Prize» has two formats : the 1st for all gamers, the 2nd for VIP gamers.
- bon - Prize is accrued in bonuses but with wager coefficient х35 (for Vip player is - х30).

Best regards, https://www.grand-casino.coca.bz/grand/

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